LivePoint® RFID Technology Solutions

Nothing lost...Everything Gained. 

Get the most out of today’s RFID technology through LivePoint® from A-1 PACKAGING SOLUTIONS.



Our Patented LivePoint® Technology Collection uses customized RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to provide real time data on your inventory, assets, processes, and shipping. That means greater productivity, accountability and profitability in all phases of your operation. 

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Improve efficiency and implement ways to substantially reduce costs by using Returnable Packaging.   We help analyze and customize returnable packaging (Pallets, Containers, etc) to meet all your needs.  Don't have the Capital or don't want to Capitalize?  We will acquire the products needed and provide an attractive "operating lease".

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Why spend Capital when you can Lease and write off as expense.  A-1 provides attractive "operating leases" for Returnable Solutions, RFID and many other items. Every one of our customers has distinct needs. A-1 can help you customize a program to fit your needs, including reducing capital spend and increasing profitability.  Call Today! 

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