We have base Heaters and Blankets for almost any IBC or Drum application. Our products are customized to fit any:

  • Schutz IBC

  • Horen

  • Arca

  • Buckhorn

  • 55 Gallon Drums

Slimline Base Heater for Horen 1040

  • WarmPro IBC Heaters are designed to raise the temperature of 265 gallons of material inside Intermediate Bulk Containers anywhere from 46-92 F° in 24-48 hours. 

  • Robust, re-useable heaters – incorporating several important design features including rounded edges and slim clearance allowing it to fit under the folded panels.

  •  A made to measure heater that covers the entire floor footprint, it is quick to install and, most importantly, stays in the IBC when folded. A range of thermostats is available allowing for precise temperature regulation needed by specific products.

  •  All aluminum construction results in a light weight unit that is easy to lift out for washing or transfer between IBC’s. Thermal insulation that directs all the heat up into the product.

TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE - 6.5 square FEET of wide-area low-intensity carbon heating element resulting in even energy transfer for hard to heat Products

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