LivePoint® CAS

Controlled Access Solution

Currently most companies use a 30 year old Wiegand protocol for their access control. Wiegand can only record 1 event at a time. The system then has to reset and could take 5-30 seconds. This will NOT allow for simultaneously reads as employees are entering or leaving the facility. More and more insurance companies today require complete traceability in the event of a major catastrophe. While the Wiegand protocol was a great technology in its day, Companies today can NOT afford the liability associated with not knowing who is in the building and who is not!


The patented LivePoint® process is designed for companies that need a way to track multiple RFID enabled items at the same time. Our technology can read up to 1,000 RFID tags at a single time.

As you can see from a video clip below, with the LivePoint®  process, we ran 30 RFID enabled items in a shopping cart past a reader and all 30 items were recorded simultaneously.


LivePoint® has gained acceptance in:

  • Manufacturing

  • DoD

  • Parcel Freight

  • Retail

  • Inventory

  • Raw Materials

  • WIP

30 items in the cart, 30 items tracked in the system.

30 items in the cart, 30 items tracked in the system.