LivePoint® CCS

Complete Coverage Solution

Our patented LivePoint® CCS is a cost effective 2D/3D inventory system utilizing advanced RFID tracking technology to provide the exact location of any product, container, etc, to within 2 feet. LivePoint® CCS acts like an internal GPS system and continually scans tagged products so that everyone in your operation knows the exact location of your products and assets at any time. If a product, container, or asset is moved, LivePoint® CCS automatically reports the move and records the product/container/asset in its new location. This information is then integrated into the customers system of record for “real-time” accuracy and decision making. 

Companies have seen a 30% reduction in fork-truck utilization and manpower. It also improves profitability by: 

  • Improving management decisions using “real-time” info 
  • Reducing inventory 
  • Eliminating stock outs 
  • Increases sales 
  • Increases turns
  • Reduce distribution costs, etc
  • Reduce training time
  • Improves Productivity

Forklift drivers can now go immediately to a pallet without hunting through the warehouse. Plant managers can study and plan shipments more easily. Supply Chain and Senior Management communications/decisions are improved using accurate and informative data. Worker efficiency is enhanced. Better safety is possible. All because you've taken the step to implement LivePoint® CCS. 

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Examples of how our LivePoint® system works.