LivePoint® SDW®

SDW®-System Directed workforce

Our patented LivePoint® SDW® is a cost effective inventory system utilizing advanced RFID tracking technology to provide the exact location of any product, container, etc. LivePoint®

SDW® enables the employees to do their work without management oversight.  SDW was designed to provide ongoing feedback to the forklift drivers to ensure they do the right job each time. LivePoint SDW provides everyone in your operation knows the exact location of your products and assets at any time.

If a product, container, or asset is moved, LivePoint® SDW automatically reports the move and records the product, container, or asset in its new location…Including where the Asset was shipped! This information is then integrated into the customers system of record for “real-time” accuracy and decision making. 

Examples of how our LivePoint® SDW system works with inventory.

Examples of how our LivePoint® SDW system works with shipping of products/assets.

Customer Comments:

  • “We shipped ~ 500,000 pallets with ZERO Errors. Beyond 6 Sigma!

  • Before LivePoint® SDW, the maximum trucks we could load was 70/day.  With LivePoint® SDW we can now ship 138 trucks/day without adding resources.  LivePoint® gave us the Data & Efficiencies to almost Double our Output.”

  • “It used to take us 4-6 months to train a forklift driver. LivePoint® SDW® is so easy our new drivers are up and running in a couple hours!”

  • “At $150 per Dock Door, the savings are incredible.

  • “Tracking Product throughout the Facility, Just very easy!”

  • Advantages:

    • Improving management decisions using “real-time” info

    • Reducing inventory

    • Eliminating stock outs

    • Increases sales

    • Increases turns

    • Reduce distribution costs, etc

    • Reduce training time

    • Improves Productivity

Forklift drivers can now go immediately to a pallet without hunting through the warehouse. Plant managers can study and plan shipments more easily. Supply Chain and Senior Management communications/decisions are improved using accurate and informative data. Worker efficiency is enhanced. Better safety is possible. All because you've taken the step to implement LivePoint® SDW. 

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