The Patent Pending, Pop-up™ Pallet

A Returnable Solution Designed:

  • To replace Corrugated Sleeves and Wooden Pallets
  • For Pallets loaded with Different Size Boxes
  • For Large, Bulky Products that need to be Stacked (i.e. motors, engines, valves, etc)

Made from Sturdy, Durable and recyclable plastic, the POP-UP™

Pallet features:

  • Easy Pop-up Legs
  • Customizable Base – to insure products ‘nest’
  • Steel Legs for Support (other options available)
  • Lid snaps in place
  • Custom Grooves on Lid so units ‘Nest’ in Place when Stacking
  • RFID Enabled so you know Who has What
  • Available in Light, Medium and Heavy Duty for the most grueling applications

Contact us to find out how the Pop-up Pallet can save you time and Money!