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At A-1 we have 3 guiding principles around RFID:

  1. 0HIO - Zero, Human, Intervention, Operation.  Using our 0HIO Principle, we do a process mapping of every facility to take as much "Human Intervention" out of the Operation as possible to streamline operationsincrease productivity, and reduce costs.
  2. LivePoint® - Changing from barcodes to LivePoint® is comparable to changing from Typewriters to will transform your business, and your customers business, in a big way. Our patented LivePoint® process is the next generation of RFID and functions like an internal GPS system to track any RFID enabled product in a facility...whether moving or stationary (see "Why LivePoint®?" below)
  3. Real-Time Data - Reducing Costs and Liability is all about Managing what is occurring in your operation...AS IT OCCURS!  Anyone can tell you what happened 60-90 days ago...LivePoint® allows senior leaders to make good quality management decisions using Real-Time Data.

Why RFID? 

  • Companies spend Billions $$$ every year on Enterprise systems like SAP®, Oracle®, etc...only to find the real-time, actionable data they need to make good quality management  decisions is corrupt because they are using 40 year old technology (barcodes) that requires enormous human intervention.
  • Companies have found they have hit the productivity ceiling with Barcodes and are looking to RFID for Supply Chain Efficiencies.  
  • Competitors are, or soon will be, using RFID to gain a competitive advantage

Why LivePoint®?

  • With traditional RFID, the product/item has to pass a stationary reader.  Once the product passes the reader it is hard to determine where it went without manual intervention. 
  • While traditional RFID still has many useful applications, our patented LivePoint® process is the next generation of RFID and functions like an internal GPS system and continually scans tagged products so that everyone in your operation knows the exact location of your products and assets at any time. If a product, container, or asset is moved, LivePoint® automatically reports the move and records the product, container, or asset in its new location...without Human Intervention. This information is then integrated into the customers system of record for “real-time” accuracy and decision making. 
  • LivePoint® allows management to make "Real-Time" decisions based on "Real-Time" data that is Not corrupted by human intervention.

Where is RFID commonly used:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Material Flow in Production (WIP and Assembly Processes)
  • Inventory Control & Visibility
  • Logistics Control
  • People & Vehicle Flow

Why A-1?

Our company leadership has the credentials to back our claims: 

  • 40+ years RFID, process automation and barcode experience 
  • Credited with over 6,000 installations globally
  • Author of over 200 papers on RFID 
  • Founding Chairman of US RFID Standards Group 
  • Original Chairman of RFID – ISO Group - US & UK 
  • Director Low Power Radio Association (LPRA) 
  • Expert advisors to FCC 

We use our expertise to select and apply RFID technologies from more than 170 manufacturers into  comprehensive solutions that includes system design, hardware, software, installation and training to make sure your system works right the first time and every time!  At A-1 we have solutions for all your needs...from:

  1. LivePoint® Collection
    • LivePoint® Broad Coverage Tracking
    • LivePoint® Judicial Tracking
    • LivePoint® Mobile  Solutions
  2. Custom Solutions
    • We create a process mapping of the operation with an eye towards what we call our 0HIO principle...removing Human Intervention from the Operation.  We then utilize state-of-the-art technology to create and implement  a custom solution for our customers specific needs. One Stop Shop!
  3. Consulting Services
    • How do you know exactly what you need for your operation?  Because technologies and frequencies differ from geography to geography, and because of our Expertise, many companies use our consulting services to develop Global RFID Platforms to insure deployments on a global basis are all working together for the maximum benefit.

We've proven it time and again. The right tracking system can help you Increase Profitability and achieve a better RONA (return on net assets).  Call A-1 today at (630) 587-0660.

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Examples of how our LivePoint® system works.