Looking for a WMS System? 

Many companies are finding that they really do Not need a “Full” WMS System (Warehouse Management System). What they need is a Highly Accurate Solution for their Inventory and Shipping needs.

Take a look at our LivePoint® RFID Solution. LivePoint® acts as a WMS “Lite” solution and provides most of the functions of a WMS System, but provides extreme accuracy.

The differences:

  • A “Full” WMS Solution holds inventory within WMS

  • LivePoints® RFID Solution functions as a WMS “Lite” solution and communicates directly with your ERP system where the inventory is held.

  • LivePoint® RFID is many times more accurate than any WMS System using Barcodes

  • If your company does need a “Full” WMS System, LivePoint® can easily integrate with any ERP or WMS Solution to make them highly accurate.

  • Check out our LivePoint® RFID to find out if this is the right solution for your organization!

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